2018 Property Predictions

Big names in property looked into their magic eight balls to deliver their property predictions for 2018 for Property Week. Experts featured include Manish Chande, Savannah de Savary, Mark Granger and APAM’s Simon Cooke.
Here’s what Simon Cooke said.
Simon Cooke
Executive Director, APAM
I would like to see infrastructure investment become increasingly focused on region-to-region connectivity. Connecting Manchester with Leeds and Newcastle needs to be prioritised in order to balance out the regional economies with London and the South East. To boost productivity, it is crucial that we encourage growth across the country and better support our local communities.
Despite the geopolitical and economic headwinds created by Brexit, there has been a significant amount of investment activity, both in central London and the regions. With sterling likely to remain weak for some time, we expect a significant amount of investment capital to invest in the UK from all over the world.
Resolution – To keep on top of the changing ways in which people live, work and spend their spare time. We are committed to continuing to adapt and update the assets we manage, delivering modern amenities for occupiers and strong returns for our clients.
This is part of an article that first appeared on the Property Week website at https://www.propertyweek.com/insight/2018-preview-expert-forecasts-part-2/5094214.article

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