APAM Reaches the parts other asset managers cannot reach… Africa 2018

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In April, Simon Cooke, APAM’s executive director and ex-Harlequin player, along with a team from Atlas Foundation (“Atlas”) completed a South African Off-Road challenge through Zimbabwe and Botswana.
Atlas was founded by Jason Leonard, the most capped England player, who won 114 caps for England and five for the British and Irish Lions, as well as other rugby and corporate heavyweights, bringing support to people around the world through the power of the game.
Jason, along with Bob Skinstad, who played 42 tests for the Springboks, Shane Byrne, former Irish rugby union hooker who won 41 caps for Ireland between 2001 and 2005 and Peter Rogers who played 18 times for Wales in the front row, delivered rugby boots and balls to children in deprived communities throughout Zimbabwe and Botswana. In addition, Atlas provides food, medicine and educational support and materials, whilst also instilling the values of rugby, such as friendship and teamwork.
Visiting 3 African countries in 4 days and travelling 500 miles by Land Rover, the team raised an exceptional £100,000 for the foundation. In addition, the trek affirmed, recognised and validated the exceptional work being done by the two rugby unions of Zimbabwe and Botswana by supporting and showcasing their sporting projects in isolated communities for both boys and girls.
APAM is proud to support such a worthy cause. The foundation is dedicated to delivering success in line with APAM’s core values of leadership, trust and passion. For further information on the foundation’s vision, to raise funds and awareness for key initiatives and programmes around the globe in a dynamic, enthralling and inclusive way please see below:
The Atlas Foundation: http://www.theatlasfoundation.org.uk/
Watch the video:
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