APAM Sponsors Conservation Lower Zambezi Plane

APAM is delighted to sponsor Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) and specifically the spotter plane piloted by Conservation Legend Ian Stevenson.
Ian flies daily over the Lower Zambezi National park in a battle to slow down poaching across 4,000+ sq kilometres of amazing National Park. APAM’s contribution has helped fund essential repairs and a new engine for the plane allowing this essential resource to be mobilised for many years to come and, hopefully, stem the increasing amount of elephant poaching in the Lower Zambezi.
CLZ is a non-governmental organisation committed to the conservation and sustainable use of the local wildlife and natural resources of the Lower Zambezi through environmental protection, education and supporting local community development.
The Lower Zambezi National Park and surrounding game management areas are home to a wide range of biodiversity including four threatened species according to the IUCN red list (African elephant, hippo, lion and African wild dog). Illegal poaching of three kinds: commercial ivory; commercial bushmeat; and subsistence snaring remain a constant threat in this area due to its proximity to the capital of Zambia, Lusaka and one of the main transport links, the Great East Road.
CLZ assists the Zambia Wildlife Authority with domestic wildlife protection as well as promoting environmental education and human wildlife conflict solutions in local schools and communities.
Photo: Simon Cooke (Shareholder of APAM Ltd) & Ian Stevenson (CEO of CLZ)

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