APAM supports The Elephant Campaign

APAM is proud to support the London Festival of Architecture’s ‘Elephant Campaign’, aimed at tackling discrimination in the built environment and calling on the industry to ‘pledge positive actions to stamp it out for good.’
By signing up to the campaign, we pledge our commitment to effecting positive change in the industry, challenging outdated attitudes and supporting the following principles:

  • Those already at the top should recognise the influence they have in creating a culture and lead by example
  • Everybody needs to acknowledge that discriminatory behaviour and attitudes remain a problem within the built environment profession
  • Everybody needs to feel safe in calling out inappropriate behaviour
  • Everybody needs to offer unequivocal support to any colleague if they call out inappropriate behaviour, wherever they encounter it

Our business is our people and we understand the importance of diversity, ensuring everyone in the team has the ability to lead and make a real impact on the work that we do.
Our core values of leadership, trust and passion are aligned with a diverse range of employee-led charitable programmes. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we are planning further fundraising initiatives in support of our charity partner Conversation Lower Zambezi (CLZ), a non-profit organisation committed to the protection of wildlife and the sustainable use of natural resources in the Lower Zambezi. In places like Zambia, where humans and wildlife coexist, providing support to the community forms a key component of wildlife protection.
Sadly, women are still an undermined and undervalued group within many societies. APAM is proud to support CLZ, which champions the empowerment of women, running programmes that engage women in conservations whilst financially empowering their needs. CLZ currently supports ‘Mbelis’ (meaning ‘moving forward’ in the local language) a women’s group in The Chiawa GMA, which focuses on developing their skills and creating means of income. In addition, the group encourages members to take ownership of a business and find a market for their products.
We look forward to developing our 2018 initiatives in support of our pledge to LFA’s Elephant Campaign with programmes that promote awareness and the importance of diversity throughout the property industry and beyond.

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