APAM’s Georgia Duncan-Gill Shares Work Experience With Local School Children

We have recently worked with I Can Be, a children’s charity which aims to inspire young girls from inner city schools to learn about the world of work, to find out more about the varying industries and opportunities out there. The girls range from 7 – 8 years old and each session is designed to feed their curiosity and build their confidence.

Georgia Duncan-Gill, Operations Manager at Catella APAM (“APAM”), hosted a virtual session with a local school where she shared her previous work experience, how she has developed at APAM to become Operations Manager and what APAM does.
Georgia comments: “It was a really inspiring session – they asked lots of questions about my role. The charity gave a lot of structure to the session making it very easy to follow. At the end they all said they’d like to be an Operations manager! I’m really looking forward to the next one.”
This is part of our wider volunteering initiative lead by Isaac Bradley Khan, Facilities Manager at APAM, to ensure that we are not only being good, but doing good too. ‘I can be’ has finished their programme for this year but are open for volunteers. Be sure to check out their website: https://www.icanbe.org.uk/

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