Catella Academy

Last week, some of the Catella APAM team had the opportunity to travel to Stockholm to attend the ‘Catella Academy.’ Nearly 100 colleagues, including group management and managing directors met to ensure the Catella Group continue to create a more aligned culture and a deeper understanding of Catella’s synergies, strategy and values as well as offering a platform for stronger networks and collaboration.

Here’s what a few of the Catella APAM attendees had to say:

Grace Munro, Deal Support Senior Finance Manager
“The Catella Academy was an invaluable opportunity to engage with colleagues from across Europe for a collective purpose. The connections made and experiences shared shone a light on the inclusive culture of Catella and the importance of aligning our core values – empowering us to work together and ultimately win together. The event was seamless, held at Hackholmssund Konferens – a venue which encouraged a focussed yet calm environment and one which enabled us to utilise the best of early Swedish sunrise activities, including running with colleagues through the countryside, or taking a dip in the fresh water surrounding the island – unique ways to make lasting connections that won’t be forgotten!”

Nathan Reidy, Senior Asset Manager
“What was so great about the Catella Academy was how everyone seemed to be there with the same energy and purpose, grabbing the opportunity with both hands. It was a whirlwind few days in Stockholm mixing networking with colleagues, focussed learning in dedicated seminar groups and some wider work with the leadership team on aligning the group under the new vision and was a hugely beneficial experience. It has set us up to work more effectively, both personally and in our own country groups but also to better leverage the benefits of the wider organisation while retaining our entrepreneurial spirit, so that we can win together!”

Briony Wilks, Accountant
“I learnt leadership skills, communication techniques and a whole lot about the Catella family; knowledge that will influence both my professional and personal life. Spending the week getting to know my various European Catella colleagues was made even better by the luxury of the Hackholmssund resort. The entire week was brilliant from start to finish, I met some wonderful and interesting people and learnt some important life skills along the way.

Ben Kennedy, CAIA, Head of Investment Strategy and Research
“The Catella Academy demonstrated the untapped potential of the group’s wider network. Technology is not yet the perfect substitute to face to face engagement and the Academy confirmed that. Through meeting and collaborating with our colleagues across Europe we benefit from leveraging expertise on a pan European scale. I look forward to working more closely with my colleagues across jurisdictions going forward.”

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