Catella APAM Trip to Zambia in aid of Conservation Lower Zambezi

The Catella APAM team recently returned from its annual charity trip in aid of Conservation Lower Zambezi (“CLZ”), a charity Catella APAM have proudly supported for 7 years. Through various fundraising activities including a London-Paris cycle, marathons and swims, the team have raised over a total of £7,000 to date.
Catella APAM were fundraising specifically for CLZ’s community sports day, ‘Rubatano.’ Rubatano is a key event in CLZ’s community engagement programme with the aim of promoting relationships between the local community members, DNPW, conservation, lodges and other stakeholders outside of the law enforcement realm with which CLZ is often associated, and we are delighted to announce that Catella APAM have committed to support Rubatano for the next 5 years!
Grace Munro: “I couldn’t be more grateful to APAM and CLZ for the opportunity to spend time in the Lower Zambezi last week. Seeing first-hand the work that CLZ do, day in day out, is incredibly inspiring, and being a part of Rubatano is a day I will never forget – it was a privilege to be a member of the team and to see the impact this event has in truly uniting the community.”
Rhiannon Flynn: “This was a very special trip and one I will remember forever! I feel unbelievably lucky to have been part of something so great and truly proud to be an APAM employee. Rubatano had to be the best day of all, especially when the prizes were awarded to those who had competed all day.”
David Parry: “The APAM trip to Zambia was a very special experience for me. Everyone rolled their sleeves up and got stuck in with a huge effort to make the event one to remember. Taking part in the netball tournament, making hundreds of meals for the competitors and litter picking at the end of the day really made it feel like we made an impact.”
Samantha Collins: “The only word I can use to describe our recent trip to CLZ is magical. I feel honoured to have been a part of something so
inspirational and important to the local community. The memories made will last a lifetime and I’d like to thank all of the teams involved for making the whole experience so special.”
Ned Loder: “To be able to experience this whilst having the opportunity to represent a charity like CLZ was an absolute privilege, being
able to see and hear how much all of the local children enjoyed the Rubatano sports day really made all of the hard fundraising Catella APAM did worth it.”
Briony Wilks: “The few days I spent in Zambia was without question, one of the best experiences of my life. It is hard to pinpoint a favourite moment as they all blur into one perfect week, but the Rubatano day was something special.”

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