Chalwe Silwizya Testimonial

Thank you to Chalwe David Silwizya MRICS for sharing his experience on life at Catella APAM!

Having been here 1 and a half years now how has the transition been from working in Zambia compared to the UK?
I learnt many valuable lessons in Zambia and believe it gave me the necessary tools to further my career in real estate in a more developed market, as long as I applied myself and showed a willingness to learn, however that being said, the vastness between the two markets was clear and led to some initial nerves. Fortunately for me, the team at Catella APAM provided the support and mentorship I required, and I immediately felt that they were heavily invested in my career.
The company’s structure has allowed me to work alongside and have access to colleagues with vast industry knowledge and experience, who have challenged me to think differently, whilst also trusting my judgement and allowing me to learn from results of any decisions I have made. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Catella APAM, and I am extremely excited about being a part of this company and its future as it rapidly expands. The company’s made the transition very pleasant, allowing me to settle and feel a part of the Catella APAM family and I look forward to what the future holds with a number of exciting projects on the horizon.
What do you enjoy most about working at Catella APAM?

Definitely the company culture! We work in a fast-paced and challenging environment, that requires individuals to think outside the box but is extremely rewarding. Whilst there is a real push to get all employees to maximise their potential, Catella APAM puts the emphasis on having a good work-life balance and ensuring that employee wellness remains a priority. I’ve felt at home from my first day here and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity before me, in a time where not everybody is afforded such good fortune.

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