CLZ 2018 Initiatives

APAM is proud to support Conservation Lower Zambezi, a non-governmental organisation committed to the conservation and sustainable use of the local wildlife and natural resources of the Lower Zambezi, through environmental protection, education and supporting local community development.
Previous initiatives include contributing to funding the engine replacement of CLZ’s spotter plane, their ‘eyes in the skies’ – one of the conservation’s key resources, which is vital to their operations both as a deterrent and to spot any signs of illegal activity. We are currently fundraising to assist with running programmes that engage women in conservation whilst financially empowering their needs by creating women’s workshops.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how you can get involved and support our CLZ 2018 initiatives. For just £7 you can purchase vital medical equipment for a patrol team out in the field, for £335 CLZ can run a women’s empowerment workshop whilst £280 enables the plane to carry out an hour long aerial patrol over the Lower Zambezi National Park and surrounding GMA’s.

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