Diversity & Inclusion Town Hall

We hosted our fifth Town Hall session yesterday afternoon. Hosted by Operations Manager, Georgia Duncan-Gill, with speaker Chloe Prince, Asset Manager, on the topic of Diversity & Inclusion (“D&I”).

Various topics within D&I were discussed and it was an open forum with contributors across our whole team from the London and Manchester office, feeding in their ideas and thoughts highlighting what we are currently doing and how we can continue to focus on making a difference. Chloe highlighted that Diversity and Inclusion should be treated separately and as two different topics, with the former focusing on recruitment but the latter on #retention of employees.

There was also an emphasis on the importance of being open and transparent regarding these conversations to allow us to be at the forefront of tackling D&I. Reverse mentoring was discussed as a great means to facilitate these conversations and provide a diversity of perspective.

Thank you again to Chloe Prince!

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