How an inclusive culture boosts productivity

On Wednesday evening, James Clemmow and Sinéad Kenny attended the “100% Me = 100% Performance: How an inclusive culture boosts productivity” workshop hosted by CBRE’s multi-cultural network and Savills’ Ethnicity Group. James comments below on the importance of inclusion and gives an insight into the event itself.

“Sinéad and I attended an event on Wednesday evening. It was eye-opening to hear how impactful everyday and casual discrimination can be on those subjected to it. It’s not aggressive actions or unconscious bias, it’s the everyday comments and “office banter” about someone’s appearance, their faith, their actions and so on. It can be difficult for people who have not experienced discrimination themselves to understand just how these words and actions can make someone feel.

“We heard from several business leaders how encouraging free thought from a diverse group of people was critical to their business success. The impact of toxic culture and poor work-life balance was costing Deloitte £68 million in recruitment alone – not even accounting for the less measurable impact on the productivity of staff who don’t feel valued for who they are.

“We should be proud and happy to be part of a free and forward-thinking organisation that shares in these values of mutual respect. But we still all have a duty and responsibility to act with these values and call out discrimination in the workplace – whatever form it takes. You should feel safe raising any concerns you have, to your line manager or anyone else you’re comfortable with. You will always be treated seriously and can speak anonymously if you prefer. Having a diverse workforce and making them feel included is not a business ‘nice-to-have,’ it’s necessary for anyone who hopes to survive the modern world.”

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