One Temple Way, Bristol

Location: Bristol Evening Post Building, Bristol

ESG Impact: The scheme aims to reduce carbon emissions, deliver a highly efficient energy strategy and have a key focus on wellbeing and sensitivity to the environment

Benefits to the Landlord:

  • Improves on the existing condition with the addition of a light well
  • Rainwater harvesting utilising the rainfall from the flat roofs to flush toilets, thus saving water & reducing surface water run-off
  • Collective aim to utilise materials to minimise embodied carbon emissions; Low carbon concrete e.g. GGBS concrete (e.g. Cem Free)
  • Sustainably sourced and recycled/upcycled materials with materials passports, Biologically-neutral raised floor systems

Benefits for the Tenants:

  • The unique shape of One Temple Way means private external terraces can be offered to almost every storey of office space
  • Highly efficient Air Source Heat Pumps are proposed to heat & cool the building with the ability to transfer heat from warm areas to heat colder areas of the building
  • The building will have the provision to be connected to the Bristol District Heat Network in the future with space provision allocated for heat exchangers
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