Real Estate Balance Reverse Mentoring Event

We were thrilled to attend the Real Estate Balance ‘Reverse Speed Mentoring’ event hosted by Kevin Boakye and the team at Hines United Kingdom earlier this month.

Simon Cooke (Founder) and Victoria Morgan (nee Mann) (Head of Asset Management) participated in the event, eager to hear from a range of perspectives and experiences within our industry.
Victoria shared her thoughts on attending this session: “The event was a superb idea and a great way to hear different and very valuable perspectives. I had the pleasure of speaking to three mentees, who had recently joined the industry. They shared their valuable advice on how best to manage younger generations, what drives them and the collective hurdles they look for support in overcoming. As a theme, genuine and active engagement was at the core of successful intergenerational management.”
A big thank you to Real Estate Balance for another fantastic evening, and an initiative which we are so proud to support.

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