Simon Cooke, Director, cycles 70 miles for charity!

Simon Cooke will be cycling over 70 miles from Bognor Regis RFC to Harlequins FC on Saturday 9th September to raise money in support of ex-Harlequin Paul Curtis who was a stalwart of the 1988 Harlequin cup winning side (see video below).
Paul was involved in a very serious mountain bike accident in September 2016. Since then he has been bed-ridden in hospital in Cardiff where he remains completely paralysed from the chest down. Determined, resilient and courageous beyond words, Paul has recovered from a number of major medical issues during this time and is now able to eat food for himself instead of being fed through a tube, and can breathe on his own, with no assistance, despite the loss of use of part of his right lung and diaphragm.
In the last few days Paul has finally been considered strong enough to be transferred into a wheelchair for a few hours each day. He is hoping to move to a spinal re-habilitation centre in the very near future in order to continue his journey. Paul has a long and difficult road ahead of him but he is determined to defy medical prognosis because his goal is to accompany his only daughter down the aisle when she gets married in October of this year. Paul is hoping that he will have returned to his family home by then but before this is possible, his home will have to completely adapted to meet his extensive needs.
APAM is proud to support the cycling team with their goal to help Curto come home to a safe and comfortable home!
If you would like to show your support donations can be made via

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