Take virtual tours of Arlington's Building 1320 in alternative fit outs

APAM in the news: The following article is from the Thames Tap website. Read the original at https://tvproperty.co.uk/news/take-virtual-tours-of-arlington-s-building-1320-in-alternative-fit-outs

Technology has allowed potential occupiers of a newly refurbished building to take virtual tours showing the interior in two alternative fit outs.

Building 1320 at Arlington Business Park at Theale, the 20,400 sq ft former home of Arrow Electronics has been extensively refurbished and modernised by the APAM and Patron Capital joint venture.

A recent agents’ week launched the building and now it is being marketed with a traditional brochure, augmented reality virtual tours in the two alternative fit outs and a 3D walk-through tour which shows it prior to any fit out.

Take a tour and compare the tech and corporate fit outs here.

Take a tour of the building as it is now here.

Ben Dickins, asset manager of Arlington Business Park, said: “We are thrilled to launch this unique newly refurbished exposed services HQ style building to the Thames Valley market.

“We have completed both a 3D walk-through as well as an augmented reality virtual tour with both ‘tech’ and ‘corporate’ fit-out examples that can be varied on request of prospective occupiers.

“We expect this innovative approach to marketing, combined with the first class finished product, will help capture the minds of tenants and look forward to leasing the space over the coming months.”

The brochure can be downloaded here.

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