The Greater Manchester Connected Roundtable event – Andy Day

Recently Andrew Day, Senior Asset Manager at Catella APAM attended the The Greater Manchester Connected Roundtable event.

The event aimed to explore how ultra-fast digital connectivity is playing a key role in driving the economy of the city region and how getting this right can future-proof businesses, across the region and enable them to grow, while providing better services for citizens at the same time.

“Data is the key, I would like to see the data piece jumping up the rankings of importance. We spend a lot of time talking about how best to use our spaces but data is critical to this so we can make decisions based on research. If we can build around what the data says about our occupiers, understanding exactly what they need, that would make our offering far better.” – Andrew Day

To see what else Andy had to say, as well as all the experts on the panel, please click into the below Insider Media press release:

Full article –

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