We Are Pleased to Support Real Estate Balance

We are pleased to be a supporter of Real Estate Balance, advancing our commitment to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the real estate industry.

Real Estate Balance are a member body campaigning for equity, diversity and inclusion within the real estate sector. We signed the CEO Commitments on EDI, alongside over 120 other senior industry leaders and are making this a core part of our business. Real Estate Balance ethos is to make property an inclusive and diverse industry where everybody is supported and encourages to aim for the top, with a particular focus on gender, ethnicity and social mobility.
As a member of our newly formed DE&I committee and a strong advocate for diversity within the industry, Victoria Morgan said “Real Estate Balance’s values are very much aligned with our own and further support the work we do business-wide, driven by our own DE&I Committee.

“In my 20 years in the real estate industry, I have witnessed a huge amount of positive change with regards to diversity, however there is more work to be done and more areas of diversity to champion. We need new voices in the room, and we hope that by supporting these initiatives and collaborating as an industry to lead change, we can be part of that journey.”

If you would like to know more about Real Estate Balance, click here.

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