APAM believes environmental, social and governance factors improve the long-term health and stability of the real estate market. Through our operations we strive to generate sustainable returns for our clients and to deliver value beyond numbers.

Our experience in the complete spectrum of the real estate asset life cycle, uniquely positions us to develop bespoke, comprehensive responsible investment strategies for individual assets. This experience means that we offer clients solutions that are both realistic and achievable which integrate the core objectives of both APAM and our Client’s RI objectives.


At APAM we strive to take a sustainable, environmentally focused approach in our management strategy. We take proactive measures to ensure the way buildings are built, sourced, managed, occupied and sold are environmentally sound. We recognise our privileged position as a steward of the built environment and remain committed to delivering tangible value for clients, society, and the environment through thoughtful management strategy.


As a business, we place a significant emphasis on diversity of talent and creating an inclusive workplace culture. We have several employee wellbeing initiatives that helps create an environment where each individual is valued for who they are, recognised for their contributions and given a chance to grow. We believe this gives us a competitive advantage as it opens up our business to new perspectives and opportunities.


As part of the Catella Group, we are able to draw on our collective resources to ensure good governance, compliance, and risk management are an integral part of our transparent and sustainable approach. Several Catella Group funds are signatories of the UN PRI and as part of the Catella Group APAM utilise these well established and robust RI resources in delivering similar commitments in the UK. APAM are proud to work with and facilitate the needs of a diverse range of clients, some of whom are also signatories of the UN PRI or who have made other similar ESG commitments and pledges.

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