Get To Know The Team Series – Nathan Reidy

As part of our #gettoknowtheteam series. We asked Senior Asset Manager, Nathan Reidy a few questions on projects he is working on, the ESG considerations and his overall thoughts on working at Catella APAM.

Here is what he had to say:

What project/asset management strategy are you leading on at the moment and what are the ESG considerations?
“I am principally responsible for Chantry Place Shopping Centre in Norwich, where Catella APAM was appointed to provide Asset Management and Corporate Services in November 2021.
The focus on ESG has always been high on the agenda for Chantry Place and Catella APAM has sought to continue and extend this journey, with huge support from Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF), who are the current owners and are also strongly focussed on this agenda. 
We’ve recently established an ESG board to set the strategic direction, identifying and progressing projects to further increase the beneficial impact the centre has and this year we’re looking to invest in extending the solar farm on the centre roof by at least 20%, which will mean we are approaching 1,000 cells and these already generate enough clean energy to boil a kettle over 10 million times every year!
We’re increasing the number of EV charging stations in the centre car park and are seeking certification for a number of widely recognised industry standards to underline the centres existing credentials and give us a solid base to continue to grow from, in the future.
This is all in addition to the great work the management team on-site already complete, including collecting around 1.8 tonnes of used coffee grounds each year from our operators and making them freely available to our guests to use as home compost!”
What excites you most about working at Catella APAM?
“The appeal for Catella APAM is not simply for the breadth of sectors and assets it is involved in, and the great and talented team it has established, but also for its approach.
The ability to work in an ever-changing, fast-paced environment where we react nimbly to opportunities as they arise, definitely excites me and keeps things interesting but equally as important is the way the company wants to conduct itself and be seen within the commercial property market.
It’s a focus centred on not just being good at what you do but in doing good at the same time. It’s a philosophy that touches everything we do across the company, which informs and underpins all of our activities and investments, guiding us to make the best decisions both commercially and for the wider communities we operate in.”


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